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agentpr24 Vs Ninjasaky


Well people, I am sorry for those who got implicated in this stupid story— my Battlefield friends who Ninjasaky added in his friendlist just to be an asshole toward me. When this shit happened, I was in bed. This issue is between him and another admin (Krazy-N9ne).

To give you some context, read the message he posted on Battlelog and you will see my replies :

Battlelog Public Message

Battlefield 3 Server Chat Log

Other contents from this guy (.PNG)

If anyone wants the plain text logs from Procon, just ask me.

As usual, Ninjasaky was playing on our server and was giving orders to other players (go there, do that, listen to me, etc…) and insulting people (which we permit in our server since we dont want a “snowflake” server). That said, this Ninjasaky went from “insulting” other players to being utterly disrespectful and this is what he does not understand. From there, shit went sideways because he started to post on Battlelog that “agentpr24” this and that with his fancy business man words, how much policies this and that, administration this and that, management this and that and so on to the point where I said “really dude, come on”. I replied to him on Battlelog (from his player feed page) so we could talk about it. The only response I got after an entire fucking day of writing was the arrogant response “I made my statement“. In short, he is 100% right, we are 100% wrong so I should lick is balls. Well folks, I am sorry to say but I would only lick a woman, not a man.

Ninjasaky has big issues and he does not seem to see and understand the difference between insulting someone while playing like “fuck you motherfucker” or “kiss my ass noob” without getting kicked for “Bad Language” to personal insults targeted toward another players that do not want to play the game like he wants them to play. As far as I am aware, people are allowed to play like they want, either in a squad, alone, or even without sounds if they cant make noise.

In short, this guy has big personality issues, is a smart ass, childish adult, arrogant person and a very hardcore narcissistic motherfucker. He is too immature to simply talk with me to clarify this and move on and instead preferred to make this public. He is a liar and manipulate informations to suit him better (like is Battlelog feed, the graphic picture he made). He also thinks that I am attracted to his Alpha Male identity, so whatever. How can I make someone stupid like that get back down to earth with me? Seriously, there is nothing I can do. Even ClareXoBearrx3 got talked to like a dick by Ninjasaky and to be honest, if there is one guy who is very fucking tolerant, patient and eager to resolve issues, its that guy. He got talked like some low level horse shit by Ninjasaki (and not just once BTW).

This situation is sad because so far, our server is very popular and we are proud of it. We have a great deal of effort in the server, from the customization, the idea, and even our website. Thus, to have one random idiot talk shit like that, is very annoying and sad. Players enjoy the relaxed rules of our server, its map rotation, low latency, and the quality and caliber of the people playing in it. It is true that we cannot please everyone and there will always be haters out there that will always cry “cheater” or just don’t like us because they don’t like us. (Even me, I have been playing Battlefield since 2005 and always had the “agentpr24” nickname so a lot of people know me: some of them dislike me, some of them like me. Its life!)

To summarize, all this could have been avoided if Ninjasaky would have been mature enough to contact me as I requested him instead of acting like he is the fucking Queen of England. He remained high on his imaginary pedestal… so what could I have done more? Nothing! For the record, Krazy-n9ne for those who may not know him, is a very nice guy, and a good person to play and to talk with.

With this issue, we now implemented a couple of new rules for all admins :

A) If someone is being a dickhead, you warn them as usual. If they do not understand, kick! If they join back and continue to do the same thing, kick again with the second warning. If they join back for the third time and continue to be a dickhead, ban with the following comment : contact agentpr24 or visit our TeamSpeak at ts.gfygaming.com

B) We will enforce the rule “Insults are permitted” by making sure that people understand the difference between being a stupid moron by insulting other players because they don’t go left/right/etc… and making fun of them and because we know them. I know the line is thin but this is really a matter of common sense.

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Last updated: April 27th 2019 at 5:42PM